Monday, June 23, 2014


Yes I'm happy to be here in Manantial for another transfer and no we didn't baptize this week. 

What the heck! it was snowing in late June!? looks like you had quite the experience at girls camp. Wow that's awesome that the (Patriarchal) blessing (of one of Andy's ancestors) came, send it right now if your at the computer!
USA! USA!  ya ganamos el mundial ! I cant believe Portugal put one in in the 90th minute!!! The country hasn't completely shut down yet because its still in groups but Argentina isn't looking so good... skimming by teams that they should be killing... Ghana has to beat or tie Portugal for us. oh and yes there are lots of fireworks and horns when Argentina scores!

Don't worry we did some missionary work too... haha  We´ve been focused more in the past two weeks using members efficiently and its been and awesome help... several testimonies came out of our members this week in our lessons, testimonies that applied to the situations of our investigators. More, many were recent converts.. Yea my converts are awesome haha. We had 5 investigators in church this week but we were hoping for a much higher attendance Satan worked overtime on us this week... we had about 13 or 14 committed to attend church.  We talked to them after to find out why they didn't come and they were all fairly reasonable excuses for not arriving (at least to someone new who doesn't understand that satan relly does exists).  The mom of one of our families was assaulted Saturday night in the street by two teens with knifes.. freaking idiots luckily nothing happened and she didn't have anything of value with her.

Yes this is the last week of Pres. Levrino and then its all Pres. Chaparo.
That's all for the week, talk to ya next week.
Les Quiero- Elder Stewart

The Verduleria y Fruteria of the family Aslan  (vegetable and fruit store)

Hermana Colombres made us flowers with the colors of our countries for World Cup -  Brasil y USA


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