Monday, June 16, 2014


Haha I'm sure Dad's dead! What is he now... Scout Master or something else? Hope you have a good time at girls camp. Saturday we baptized Nadia who got married the past week. We had a really low attendance in church this Sunday due to it being Fathers day here and the first match of Argentina. Que vagos!  haha Argentina isnt looking so hot this year 2 to 1 against Bosnia por favor! Messi´s playing solo.. Holland´s going to take the cup this year. I'm going to get a better video of our skit than what Leo posted, the video that Leo posted from his camera isnt very good.  
We had a good week encountered more new investigators... were still trying to build up the group of investigators that we had so that we can baptize every week easier. Oh today was transfers but I'll be here for at least one more transfer with Gerber that will make 6 months by the end of this transfer in Manantial... time flys !!!, my release date as posted in the offices is 24 February, so that leaves me with about 8 months left in the mission. 
Have a good time at girls camp and sleeping for Dad.
Les quiero- Elder Stewart


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