Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola Hola,
 Glad to hear all is well!
So we had a good last week of the Transfer. On sat we baptized 3, the two kids that are over 8 years old of the Family that we´ve been working with so much and then the Down Syndrome boy.  It was awesome! Transfers were today but Elder Molina and I are still together for at least one more transfer.  Yesterday we had a fireside about missionary work for the three wards in our church building and I played the violin with a sister from one of the other wards and piano as well. It was awesome and the pianist was awesome also. Now I'm known as the angel violinist amongst the members. We are putting together an activity for Christmas and they want me to play there as well, I already asked the pianist if he would play with me so what I need is music. a good violin and piano arrangement of a Christmas hymn.. Can you find me one and send it to me in a PDF file? 
Well that's all for now, I heard from Eric today His new Comp is Ben Medley from Tooele, who was on our soccer team one year... crazy.  Oh and i tried to say a prayer in English the other day to bless the food and literally almost couldn't speak English fluently out loud..haha 
Les Quiero- Elder Stewart

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