Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salta, Argentina!

Mom's note:
Andy Called today about 2pm.  President Pitt and his Wife was dropping him off at the airport in Charleston.  He was catching a 5pm Delta Flight to Atlanta and then on to Buenos Aires.  He sounded Great!   He said West Virginia was AWESOME and when I asked about President Pitt he just said "You will never know how great they are!".  He is going to miss West Virginia, the people he served, the wonderful members that took great care of him, great companions and Zone Leaders, and his wonderful President Pitt and his wife.  I am truly grateful Andy had the privilege of serving in West Virginia!  
Andy told us he was traveling to Argentina ALONE!!  I asked why they were sending him so quickly and all by himself.  He said there was an urgent need in his mission for a missionary so since his Visa was here he is answering the call.  I would be more comfortable if he were traveling with a group but I know Heavenly Father will keep him safe.  Some how I miss him more.  I was pretty comfortable with West Virginia...didn't seem so far away. :-)

So... on to the next Chapter...Salta Argentina!  Let the adventure continue....  
I'm sure I won't hear from him until next week's P-day.  This week is going to go by soooo slowww!!

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