Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Bye West Virginia!

hey this is going to be really quick...sorry
so good news I did get the package you sent this morning. Yeah I meant to get Isaac Morley Sr. blessing. Will you get it? you just do it through and its free. So the broadcast last night was awesome! Its interesting to see how the revelation of new missionary work has come to us. It started out with the What. (the age change/ family home MTC) then the How which is what happened last night( internet/ Facebook/ blogs..etc. and Membership involvement). Next should be more of the Why, that's just my prediction. I'll get a letter out to mis Abuelos pronto. Yes I should be able to call you probably tomorrow, but i don't know my travel plans yet. I drive down to Charleston first thing tomorrow and that's all I know. I got a pic with the Elijah's but bro Elijah was at work so he isn't in the pic.
sorry that all you get today.hasta luego-Elder Stewart


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