Monday, May 27, 2013


I sent Sheri a letter, i dont know how long it will take but i'm sure it will be there before they start their treck. Thanks for the packages! i love both the ties you sent and the candy as well. Braydon and i are emailing now so thats cool. Im super excited to hear where Landon is going.  Is it Russia because thats were i guessed. I am not sure about the Baptism on the 1st because she just got married this past saturday and didn't make it to church. Hopefully we will still be able to do it but she will have to talk to President Pitt. 
It's been a crazy week we've had a lot of meetings and been in different areas. I went on an exchange to Fairmont with elder Skidmore and the family we had dinner with was awesome. The father had served in Argentina Cordoba and we talked for a long time about it. He made some Mata for me and gave me a few packs to take with me. Its pretty good stuff, i took some pics for you.

 We have this awesome family that we eat with, the Elijah's and Bro Elijah went on a spanish speaking mission so he makes me pray in spanish when we are there... haha he say's my spanish is way better than his when he got out of the mtc. He said he gives me 3 weeks and then he thinks i'll be speaking spanish really well, so that was good to hear, i hope he's right.
When does Tyson get back? and why did Reggie Roberts speak to you? love the pics. i don't really love any of the ties in the pics, so just hold on them if you havn't already purchased. i took some pics of the house that i'll attach and i'll take some of the city in the future.

Transfers are June 6th.  The pic of the house is where we live.
Elder Stewart

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