Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thanks for the letters and the Tie Tac is Awesome!  My P-day is Thursday, not Friday.  We did a session at the temple and it was Awesome!  We got a few pics, but I wasn't able to get to a computer to load them.  Can you send Violin Music, the peices we played in Sacrament meeting  "Come Thou Fount/Rock of Ages", The violin Duet 'I Need Thee Every Hour', and maybe a couple others.  They have Violins here that we can use on P-day.  This past P-day I played the President's wife's Violin.  It is a really old one at least 100+ years old and has a beautiful tone.  I talked with her for a while about it.  It's been passed down to her from her grandpa.  Anyways she would like me to play in a Devotional or something.  I have to Try-out though.    Hope all is well, and I love you lots. 

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