Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day, Dec 25, 2014
Moms Notes...
after waiting all day for an email, we finally left to go to Grandma's house.  Just in case, we took the laptop.  Around 4:30. we received an email letting us know he would call around 6pm.  Actually about 5pm, the laptop rang. 
It was fun talking for about 30 minutes.  Andy is well and appears to be enjoying his companion and the other missionaries they live with.  He told us it was a small town, about the size of Tooele.  About 60 members were mostly active, although the ward roster has 300-400 members listed.  we asked about weird animals and such.  He said there are weird bugs (beetles) that live in the trees and are very loud at night.  So loud, you  can't really sit outside and have a conversation.  He seen a few monkeys in his first area (Perico), but none since.  They had a nice Christmas dinner with a member family the night before, as Christmas is mostly celebrate on Christmas Eve.  they were using the computer at the Branch Presidents home.  I wish we could have met and thanked them.  He laughed a lot and spoke a lot of Spanish until we reminded him we couldn't understand him. :-)   I asked him if he was excited to come home and he said NO!!  We took him outside and showed him the snow... He and his companions loved it...and I think jealous..since it is so hot in this area.  he said in Feb and March it gets the right before he comes home.  Hopefully we will have some snow on the ground for him when he returns.

Here are a few Pics Sister Chaparro Posted of the Christmas Zone Conference in Salta


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