Monday, July 7, 2014

Sounds like you guys had a fun week with the 4th and all. I don't know what you have against the Dutchman but they play well! I don't have very much confidence in an Arg v Brasil final, Germany and Holland appear to be stronger than both the other two especially now that Brasil lost Neymar... Que lastima! I hope that Colombian got out of Brasil fast because if he didn't he´s a dead man. I printed the Blessings today and I've only read the first page but it was cool that he got compared to Abraham of the old test.

Well on to the week. We did have a baptism Saturday... an awesome young lady 23yr. We encountered her from the references of Leo a few weeks ago and started to teach her, she has a 4yr old that's off the wall as well. Yesterday after her confirmation she had all counted up her earnings from the week so I taught her how to fill out the tithing slip after sacrament and she payed her tithing. That may not seem very significant to you but here in Arg. everyone has a problem with tithing because all the churches here are always asking for ridiculous amounts of money. What next... yesterday as we were contacting a few references we entered into a "Villa".... haha mistake, two possessed dogs came running after us with intentions to eat E´ Gerber!! one bit him in the upper thigh haha i'll send a pic for your viewing pleasures :) Other than that we had a good week. We picked up 12 new investigators. This week we hope to baptize  Hermana Noemi. She loved church yesterday and said she´s found the place where she belongs. We got to see the Game of Arg Saturday while we had lunch with her and her family. On another thought we had a bit of a scare this week as our baptism from the last week (the little 11 yr old that we baptized)  had an accident in the street. Some drunken off duty policeman hit him with his car and as Argentina doesn't enforced any laws here everyone drives at whatever speed they want.  He was taken into intensive care for 3 or 4 days until Saturday when they released him and now he can receive visits so we´ll see if president lets us go see him. Keep him in your prayers it sounds like he had about a million angels around him as he was hit hard and didn't break anything. They say all is well and he´ll recover fine.  All is well here we´ll keep on truck'n talk to ya next week. Oh and I took one pic today of us standing outside the apartment :)
Les quiero- Elder Stewart


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