Monday, July 28, 2014


No we don't have iPads yet. I was uploading to the computer and then putting them in my USB. The credit cards are fine. I took it out because we had to go to the doctor for the dog bite that E Gerber has because it started to get infected. The picture book costed 40 pesos thats like 6 dollars. 
We had a good final week together in Manantial E Gerber and I... but yes I have been transfered to Salta-Oeste , Limache or Imache im not sure exactly. Wednesday I get an Hijo (I'll be training a newby) and at the same time white washing an area... La locura. We finished the week off with the baptism of Yesica Avila and this Coming Saturday, her two sons at least will be baptized so two more baptisms for manantial. I have a lot of pics from this week so I'll send you a few. We had a final activity Saturday... drinking mates´ and listening to music so that our investigators could get to know the members and then we finished it off with the baptism. Im going to miss my Brazilian but on the other hand I hear that the new area is an awesome one. Thats pretty much all for the week. It looks like I can't send pics because this stupid computer im using wont read the memory card. maybe later I can send them or something.
Les Quiero mucho- Elder Stewart 

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