Monday, January 13, 2014

haha when did the truck die? To answer your question about the pic... we were standing on our roof. If you want to release a little bit of tension off the Violin string that would be good... but only a little.  I got one package on friday when we had divisions with the zone leaders. I dont know where the other one is hopefully ill get it tomorrow in zone meeting. The one i recieved had the scripture covers in it... is the other one a box or a package ? So i have a few more questions. 1. are you using my credit card at all? 2. What happened with the partriarchal blessing of Isaak Morley? And lastly i need my line of authority if you can get that.
This week was pretty normal we encountered a few good families that have potential to progress fairly quickly, so we´ll see what happens in the near future with them. We are back to working a lot with the less active families and  we´re starting to see progress with some of them. This past sunday it rained all day and the day before that aswell so there was hardly anyone at church. Our possible goal of 13 in the chapel went from there to 0 in the chapel on Sunday, but what can you do. Our baptism fell through this past Saturday as well but we´re praying that it will happen this Saturday. Yesterday we went to meet a family that was a reference and after we had taught the gospel of Jesus Christ Elder Corrales invited them to be baptized. They said that they were already baptized, as usual because everybody is baptized in the catholic church, So he invited them agian in a different manner so that they would understand the need. They again responded ¨we are already baptized in the church¨ so we asked what church.. they responded the mormon church. Haha Elder Corrales and i looked at each other and burst out laughing. Long story short we found a less active family and they wanted to return to activity. 
Ill send you a few pics the covers are perfect thanks, the scripture covers for my spanich set are the same brand aswell.
Les Quiero -Elder Stewart

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